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Optimal nutrition is personal - and  can be the most proactive and powerful form of medicine.

   Nourishing nutrition is about eating in a way that's smart & sustainable,  scientifically-sound & safe - specifically for you.  

Don't leave your nutritional health

in the hands of just anyone.

Seek out a licensed nutrition expert with credentials you can trust. 



Laura Marchese is a Registered Dietitian and licensed nutrition expert who wants to do much more than just help people change their diets. She wants to help them change their lives by empowering them with credible nutrition knowledge & motivating health insight. She opened Nourishing Nutrition Consulting in 2016 to provide patients with access to scientifically-sound nutrition recommendations and simple strategies to better nourish themselves and their families. Whether you work with Laura or another experienced RD on her team, our goal is to translate the complex science of food and nutrition into more 'digestible' information and insight that can empower you to make better choices. Book your session today for access to expert nutritional & health guidance that can inspire you and change your life.

Customized Counseling & Consulting

Whether you're an individual who could benefit from one-on-one nutrition counseling, a small group interested in customized presentations or workshops,

or a business seeking corporate wellness consulting - You've come to the right place.

2 Minutes Could Change Your Life


This free video series promises to steal only 2 minutes of your time to teach you a few key health & nutrition tips that will inspire & empower you. Tune in - a Healthier You is in view!


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