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A video series designed to ENLIGHTEN & EMPOWER you with 'nuggets' of nutrition insight in just 2 minutes

In the spirit of celebrating the ‘month of love’💗, how about a healthy dose of self-love?! Tune in for my take on the ‘Health At Every Size’ movement - and how you can use it to motivate you toward more meaningful health outcomes. Don’t let anyone define your whole health picture by just the number on a scale or your clothing tags.

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December 27, 2019

Now is the time many people start to take a hard look at the past year & strategize about how to make 2020 their best year yet. But if past years are any predictor, statistics show about 80% people will give up their New Year’s resolutions by February. 😮That should make us pause and reflect on where our past resolutions were so flawed. Check out the latest #HealthierYouin2 for my #RD-approved #resolutions roadmap.

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November 26, 2019

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? And I don't just mean gathering all the groceries you'll need for that big holiday meal. There's a 'recipe' for packing your plate like a pro - that will ensure a more satisfied, guilt-free, post-meal glow. So let's talk strategy to make the most of all those merry meals and holiday spreads ahead.

It’s #KidsEatRight Month! 🌟That means it’s the prime time to inspire healthy eating habits that can last your little ones a lifetime. Depending on where you live, your kids may be already be knee deep in classwork and afterschool activities – or your family could be gearing up for the school year calendar chaos that’s coming your way. Either way, you’re going to have to plan ahead to keep your family fueled & ready to take on the year.

How did we get to a place where it’s ‘reasonable’ to declare an all-out war on your hunger cues & deny your body consistent daily fuel - all in the pursuit of better health?!  If that strategy sounds pretty extreme, miserable and even potentially dangerous - it’s because it is. Tune into this #HealthierYouin2 for tips to make friends with your hunger cues and embrace a better, more nourishing way to optimize your health. 🍴🍎

#NourishingNutrition #RD #Dietitian #EatRight #FoodIsFuel

It’s National Nutrition Month - and the prime time to refocus your efforts to eat right! Check out this Healthier You in 2 for simple RD-approved strategies to make eating healthy feel easier - and help you pack your plate to power you toward your health potential.

Hands up HIGH if you're still crushing 2019 and cruising through all of your big healthy eating and exercise resolutions! Not so much?? Well you are NOT ALONE!  Don't be so fast to say 'Maybe next year...'! It may just be time to re-evaluate your resolutions so they energize you - and not exhaust you.

It’s the HOLIDAY SEASON - so bring on the Christmas frenzy and everything that comes along with it! But if you feel like the holidays & healthy habits just don’t mix - you’re wrong!☺️You just need a little more strategy to survive the season without writing off your wellness goals until the new year. Here’s another #HealthierYouin2 with my tips for a happy, healthy & hangry-free holiday season!

#HealthyHolidays #NourishingNutrition #RD #Dietitian #EatRight

Got 2 minutes to commit to a healthier you - along with a healthier family too? More frequent meals together leads to oh-so-many health benefits, but actually making them HAPPEN can be HARD. Consider this your ‘cliff notes’ of quick tips to Eat Together and Eat Better this October and all year long!

September 25, 2018

Let’s have some ‘real talk’ today about why & when popular DIET TRENDS are not your friends. Tune in to this month’s #HealthierYouin2 for tips to recognize the red flags of a potentially dangerous diet fad:

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